Monday, 16 May 2011

Missing Someone

I really hate the feeling of missing someone. According to the dictionary, missing is an adjective. It means: lacking, absent, or not found.  As an idiom, it means: to disappear, become lost. I think that covers it some, but still. It can’t describe the feeling of missing someone. Especially when they didn’t care half as much as you did.
When they’re gone, you feel your heart wrenching for them to come back. Your world suddenly revolves around them. You start analyzing everything you did wrong, thinking that maybe if you did something different, they’d have stayed. You start to blame yourself, and you think they’re the greatest thing in the world, while you’re sitting there dragging yourself through the mud.
Time passes, and eventually you realize it wasn’t all your fault. It does take two to tango. So you start to feel happier. Well, you feel fine. That’s more of a fitting word. You start to slip back into your daily routines. After all, the world doesn’t stop for just you. 
You continue on with your days, keeping them in the back of your mind. They were a part of your daily routine for such a long time. You couldn’t just forget them like that. You may encounter something, and it reminds you of them. Or you may see them on facebook or twitter.
But then. You actually see them. You see them in their daily routines, and start to think you once a part of their day. You were once what they cared about. And you can’t help but start to breakdown again. You just want to ask them if they miss you. If they ever think about you. Do they ever wonder if they did anything wrong?  But the fact is still remain that I MISS YOU SO MUCH <3

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