Sunday, 1 May 2011

Michele Yong

Hello fellas, I wish you guys have a great weekend huh ? So basicaly today I want to introduce you to one of my favourite fashion photograper a.k.a my idol . That would be Michele Yong ! She was inspired me alot. I just want to be like her one day, Insyallah ! You know working in Paris, with international models. My god that would be a pleasure for me :)  So here are her biography , check it out !!!

Michele Yong is a fashion and potrait photographer currently based in Paris , France. She was born and raised in Malaysia also the official photographer for the International Malaysian Fashion Week ( M-IFW 2009 ) and an ongoing contributor to the Malaysian International Fashion Alliance ( MIFA ).

Working and travelling frequently within the region , Michele Yong has worked with many international models, designers, stylist, artists and agencies in Paris, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.
Some of her client includes Levi's, ETRO, Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation, Jonathan Liang, ULTRA, Sereni & Shentel, Bower Haus, Carnet De Mode, and Syomir Izwa.

Her Photographs have also appeared on Le Monde, Faint Magazine, Ode To Liberty, Tongue In Chic, Juice, Oxygen, and Breeze Magazine. Michele Yong's work is best described as simple, sleek and sexy .

Oh my god ! Interesting isn't ? Now please take a look at her photographs ,

A M A Z I N G !


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